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5000 Series Smart Safe


5000 Series Smart Safe


The 5000 Series Smart Safe is a heavy duty, back office solution for the most cash intensive businesses. It provides seamless accounting between the POS and your bank with a comprehensive audit trail.

Once your cash is placed in an 5000 Series Safe, you can rest assured it will stay there. Our products are designed and constructed to rigorous standards to protect each point of access and reduce your risk of robbery.

The 5000 Series is equipped with  Cummins’ bill counting technology,  allowing it to recognize 800 bills per minute with unsurpassed counterfeit detection. Counted funds are secured in high-capacity locking cassettes that store up to 5000 bills. Cash may be returned if the transaction is cancelled, and exposure is limited, reducing risk of theft and loss.

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Every transaction is recorded and tracked through each user’s personal ID or swipe card providing a 90+ day audit trail of all activity. Cash is deposited through the bill acceptor and other media sales such as personal checks are recorded by the user and deposited into a secure envelope drop. Immediate verification reduces POS  reconciliation errors and reduces time spent on bank deposit preparations. More than 30 different types of receipts and reports can be printed on the system’s high-speed printer including end-of-day activity, cash removal and user reports.


5000 MODEL
Equipped with a high-speed Cummins JetscanTM bill counter for swiftly securing notes within the safe and a large 5000 note cassette, this high-capacity cash management solution is perfect for businesses that handle large volumes of cash and seek security and effortless accountability.

26”W x 25”D x 49 3⁄8”H, approximately 650 lbs.

Power Supply
120 VAC 60Hz, 10 amps


The 5000 Series Coin Acceptor adds the ability to count and sort bulk coin deposits to your 5000 Series Smart Safe. Coins are stored in removable steel canisters by denomination for the recycling of coin and for easily pouring coin into bags for bank deposits. The unit sorts up to 2200 coins per minute with 99.995% accuracy.

18”W x 29”D x 35”H, approximately 180 lbs.

Power supply
AC 120 Volt / 3 amp / 60Hz


  • 1⁄2-inch steel plate self-locking vault door
  • Three 1-inch chrome-plated locking bolts protected by a drill-resistant hard plate and a spring-loaded relocker
  • Locking cassette holds up to 5000 bills
  • Interlocking back flange to prevent hinge attack
  • Four floor holes for bolt down
  • Envelope drop slot
  • Easy upgrading and maintenance


  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • High-speed Cummins JetscanTM bill counter
  • Audit trail with numerous receipts and reports, tracking an unlimited number of users
  • Multiple levels of programmable security
  • High-speed thermal printer
  • Serial and Ethernet interface

User Friendly Interface
The 5000 Series Smart Safe uses a large touchscreen LCD that is easy for users to navigate. We make full use of the large interface to make the  experience of using the device as intuitive and useful as possible.


Diagnostic Videos
A wide range of training and diagnostic videos are embedded in the device and dynamically appear when appropriate to provide users with step-by-step guidance through common troubleshooting measures.

Every Smart Safe is accompanied by a standard one year parts and labor warranty. Extended warranties are also available. 

Receive free 24/7 phone support for the lifetime of your safe. Included is a comprehensive user manual and quick reference guide to get you started.