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CD-2000 Cash Counter


CD-2000 Cash Counter


1.5 Pocket Multi-Currency Discriminator

  • Value counting for USO, EUR and Local currency 

  • Sophisticated counterfeit note detection by UV, FL, MG, MT, IA & Multi - Currency sorting 

  • Basic Fitness sorting -Hole, Soil, Tear, Dog ears 

  • Serial Number recognition (Optional) 

  • Denomination recognition by full-sized IA CIS 

  • Easy openings from Front and Rear sides 

  • 3.2" TFT color LCD display 

  • Option for 2-line display or dual screen display 

  • Roller friction type 

  • Program Downloading through USB port 

  • Compact design 

  • Pocket capacity : 300 I Reject capacity : 100

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Real Time Clock (ATC) Feature

  • Date I Time set and display on LCD screen 

  • Save counting records and searching including Error message 

  • Save the records up to 16,000 cases