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MI-Count Easy TS


MI-Count Easy TS


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With its ground-breaking touch screen technology, the new MI-Count Easy TS delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world.
And yet it is so simple to operate that your staff will need virtually no training to use it.

Like your mobile phone or tablet, the high resolution full color TFT screen only displays those functions that you need when you need them. Universally recognizable iconography and intuitive design mean that complex functions can now be performed easily by operators.

Six times faster than counting by hand, the MI-Count Easy TS is ideal for speeding up spot checks, cash lifts, banking, shift changes and end of day reconciliation.

The new MI-Count Easy TS allows a multi-cultural workforce with minimal training to accurately count and record the contents of multiple tills, if appropriate in multiple currencies. It is also fully configurable to streamline any cash handling process.

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