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Socal Safe are your cash automation experts. With our AccuCASH™ line of products we can help you implement the most efficient solution for your cash handling needs. We have one of the most extensive inventories of cash automation equipment in the country, and our experience makes Socal Safe the right choice. Call (800) 334-6060 toll free today to reach one of our security specialists.

AC-5000 Cash Counter


AC-5000 Cash Counter


5-Pocket Fitness Sorter

The world’s smallest 5 pocket fitness sorter has proven performance and quality and makes an excellent economical choice.

  • Excellent mechanical tape detecting performance

  • 5 detecting features (CIS, IR, MR, UV, TAPE detecting sensor)

  • Enhanced OCR performances & fitness sorting features

  • TITO (Barcode reading)

  • Easy maintenance

  • Rotatable wheel at the bottom saves installation space

  • Easy jam removal

  • Supports up to 12 currency mix for 40+ currencies

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Denomination Sorting – Save sorting time by classifying four denominations at a time

Face Orientation Sorting – Sort four directions of the banknotes at once

Non-stop Fitness Sorting – When first stacker is full, following banknotes to to the second stacker. While the second stacker keeps counting, user removes banknotes of the first stacker.

Full Fitness Sorting Functions

  • Fit

  • Unfit: soil, corner, tear, grafitti, tape, folded, hole, oil-stain

  • Reject: counterfeit, damaged notes


Size H x W x D (mm) Approx Weight (Kg) Power Supply Hopper Capacity Stacker Capacity Reject Capacity Counting Speed (CF on) Counting Speed (CF off)
317 x 335 x 555 35 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 2.0 A 700 Notes (approx) 200 Notes (approx) 100 Notes (approx) 700 NPM 1200 NPM