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SCI-10 SMART Cash Management

CI-10 hero.png
CI-10 hero.png

SCI-10 SMART Cash Management


at the Point of Sale

The contemporary compact design of the CI-10 Compact Cash Recycling System consists of the CI-10B banknote recycler and the CI-10C coin recycler. This solution can be adapted to various retail applications, including supermarkets, department stores and more. 

These POS recycling devices can be set up for access by your cashiers or directly by customers. 

The CI-10, when integrated into an existing POS system, enables automated cash handling, improves security, enhances staff efficiency and creates a more positive customer experience. The CI-10 can easily be integrated into checkout lanes and cash desks, due to it’s compact design.

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Secure closed cash management with SCI-100
Use of the CI-10 interface cassette provides secure closed cash management between the CI-10 and the CI-100.

Contemporary space saving design and user-guided LED panel
Integrates easily into cash lanes and other low profile applications, while also offering complete ease of use to customers.

Error recovery animation
In the event that there is an error, the POS screen provides easy-to-follow instructions for a quick resolution.

Exit Shutter
Prevents errors in change dispensing.

CI-Server cash management software
The CI-SERVER can be operated via a web browser, offering centralized cash management.

SCI-10 Specifications