Our Testimonials

As we enter our 100th year of business, our care and attention to detail has never been stronger. Our thanks to our customers’ testimonials can best be summed up by our CEO, Eric Mueller:  “We've always worked very hard to give our customers the best experience in dealing with our company, and it’s nice to be recognized on occasion. I pass customer comments along to everyone in our company as our efforts are based upon our entire team acting together.”


“I just wanted to thank Michelle for the amazing customer service, follow up, and quick response time.” 

— Costco

“Amazing, that is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE!!” 

— Donna Walters, Tacala LLC

“I wanted to take the time to say thank you!  Our customer called today and said the tech was wonderful and the safe is working fine now. You and Manny have been a fantastic help. The attention you gave this issue was unbelievable as always. The thanks belong to the both of you! The commitment you've shown in standing behind your product has opened the door for nine future orders from this one customer. Like I said the pat on the back belongs to you and Manny.”

— Sandra Pantel, American Hotel

“What’s kept me coming back to your company for the past 15 years is your professionalism, knowledge and great customer service.”

— Walter Mullhall, Austaco

“Tony and his helper did an excellent job relocating the safes. Thank you for taking the extra time.”

— Douglas Emmett Builders

“Incredibly happy, your service team handles my issues perfectly.” 

— Jose Cuesta, Dominos Pizza

"Paul in Sales was very helpful in assisting me with my new safe purchase. He understood my needs and concerns, and addressed them perfectly. I was extremely impressed with your delivery and installation people. They showed up on time (actually a little early), went straight to work...and made the safe install without any disruption to my business. If anyone asks me for a reference to a safe company, SoCal Safe will definitely be my choice."

— David Fredborg, Gold & Gems

"Thanks for fast, five-star service."

— Vu Dinh, WCCT Global

" Your installer, Tony, did a great job of installing, leveling and showing me the ins and outs of how the safe operates. He was professional, courteous, and truly provides customer satisfaction. This guy gets a 5 star rating in my book !  If you ever get to be the “Undercover Boss” this guy is the one that you should showcase. He would be the guy I would use to train all other installers in the industry!!!"

— Steve Anderson


I am writing to express my appreciation for your salesman, Paul Gordon. Several months ago, I ordered a safe from your company that unfortunately was damaged during shipping. Paul was very professional in handling the matter and kept me informed concerning the damage claim with the shipper.

“Throughout the two-month ordeal, Paul made assurances that your company would make it right regardless of the shipping company's response. Fortunately, the shipping company picked up the damaged safe and delivered a less damaged safe, which was acceptable. As in any business, service after the sale is crucial for the longevity of a company. Paul exemplifies what I perceive as true ‘Salesman.‘”

— Glenn M. Blake, Esquire


“Thank you for sending Tony out to deliver and install my safe today! I thought I was going to see a group of people with a large moving van. To my astonishment I was greeted by Tony with his Silverado and a trailer that was carrying the safe. I was instantly amazed! To say that Tony knows what he is doing is a complete understatment.

“The man is a genius and a skillful technician. He single-handedly did the entire job with seeming ease and a completely unhurried style and approach. Tony did his work flawlessly and he covered every aspect of his job with incredible performance and professionalism. I commend him for a job wonderfully done.

“Thank you ever so much!”

— Robert A. Grossman


“Tony and Diego were incredibly efficient, knowledgeable and helpful, they took care of my property as if it were their own, it was amazing watching them work, I will never ever have another safe company touch my safe! I will refer all my friends and family to you.”

— Regina Horton


I deal with hundreds of vendors. I know that whenever I deal with Socal Safe, the job will be done right. Cost isn't really a factor because the quality of the products, service, and responsiveness I receive is top of the line. Gabe is everything I could ask for in a sales representative, and he took care of me with the utmost professionalism. Hats off to him! Manny and Tony did a tremendous job installing the safes and went the extra mile to fit the safes into the location."

— Ian Russell, Great Collections Coin Auction